Savings Accounts
When you join BSE Credit Union, the first thing you’ll do is open your Share Account, also known as a Savings Account. You are required to maintain at least $5 in this account.  When you visit the credit union to open your account, you will need two official forms of identification, such as a Social Security Card and Driver’s License. When you make your initial deposit into this account, you are buying your single share of BSE Credit Union, resulting in your member-owner status. Make sure you maintain a $100 minimum balance in your Savings Account to earn dividends. Click here to see current Savings Account rates.

Share Certificates
Share Certificates, sometimes called Certificates of Deposit or CDs, are available at BSE Credit Union. We’ve got great rates with minimum deposits as little as $500. We’ve got flexible terms of 6 or 12 months. Click here to see current Share Certificate rates.

Club Accounts
Need to save money for a special occasion? Tuition? Holiday shopping? Taxes? Open a Club Account at BSE Credit Union and you can start saving for that special purpose. These Club Accounts can be started any time throughout the year and can include payroll deduction so you can build your savings one paycheck at a time!

ATM Cards
BSE Credit Union has Real-time processing for both ATM and Debit Transactions which means your transaction will hit your account as soon as the transaction occurs. Use your BSE ATM Card and access your money at thousands of ATM locations nationwide. BSE Credit Union is a member of the STAR, VISA/PLUS and Alliance One networks. BSE Credit Union participates in the national Alliance One network so you can access your money wherever you are. Visit Alliance One to find an ATM near you, most of which are surcharge free.  If at any time, your ATM Card is lost or stolen, you must notify us immediately. During business hours, call the credit union at 440-243-9180. If you realize that your card is lost or has been stolen and the credit union is not open, please call Cardholder Services directly at 800-523-4175. To help protect YOU against fraud and identity theft related to your BSE ATM Card, please make sure we have current up-to-date contact information for you such as home phone, work phone, cell phone, e-mail, and address. This will help us contact you quickly should we ever suspect fraud on your BSE ATM Card.

Access Your Account with MONA
MONA (Members Online Network Access) is a FREE service available for members to access their accounts online. To sign up, click here. You’ll be able to review account balances, make a credit union loan payment, and transfer funds. When you enroll in MONA, you’ll be able to easily enroll yourself in E-Statements!

Online Bill Pay
This service allows members to pay bills online safely and quickly using their BSE Credit Union Checking or Savings Account. By taking a few minutes to set up your bills, monthly bills can be as quick as the click of a mouse. You’ll be able to schedule payments, review payments, and determine dates and amounts to pay your bills. In order to utilize Bill Pay, you are required to enroll in MONA, Members Online network Access – our online banking system. Click here to enroll in MONA.

Enroll in this free service and access your credit union statement from a secure site online! This service is available to all members who utilize MONA (Members Online Network Access). Once a month, you’ll be notified that your statement is available to retrieve. You simply visit the secure site, log in, and you can print your statement at your convenience. Just sign into MONA so you can utilize E-statements.

Share Insurance
ASI, American Share Insurance, is the nation's largest private deposit insurer. They are a non-federal insurer, owned by credit unions. ASI insures accounts, not individuals. Each account you have with the credit union is insured to $250,000. Click here to visit ASI’s website.